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Newcastle is a modern European regional capital city with big ambitions. Our office development is lucky to be situated within the NE1 central area of Newcastle city centre which is a designated Business Improvement District (BID).


NE1 manages the BID and works hard to create the best possible commercial environment for Newcastle’s businesses.


NE1’s team is delivering on the following business priorities for the next five years:


Getting the basics right – Ensuring Newcastle is cleaner, greener and safer


Increased investment – Working with the public and private sector to drive further investment in the city centre


Attracting and promoting – Increasing footfall, spend, dwell time and perceptions of the city


Curating the experience – Better coordination and management of the city centre experience and environment


Improving connectivity – Both from a digital perspective and also looking at the city’s regional, national and international transport links


Our offices in Newcastle are a short walk from the Quayside.


St James Gate’s offices in Newcastle are a short walk from the Quayside which is widely regarded as one of Europe’s finest waterfronts and a strategic asset that needs to be protected, improved and invested in. NE1 is driving forward ambitious plans to ensure the Quayside reaches its full potential and contributes as much as possible to the city. 


NE1 has identified the Quayside as a key area of focus and there are exciting plans afoot for this iconic location. 


Home to many of the city’s finest restaurants and leisure venues, the Quayside also houses a high proportion of the city’s professional services companies and has a vibrant residential community. As such, it is essential that the area works both as a daytime, night-time and residential destination.


Work began in earnest during the summer of 2021, and saw the first series of interventions in the area delivered by NE1 with the ‘Summer in the City’ programme, which was designed to create a linear trail along the Quayside, offering activities and installations throughout.


In autumn of the same year, NE1 commissioned Gehl Architects, world leaders in place-making who have worked with cities such as New York, Beijing, Calgary, and Stockholm, to name but a few.


Keen to involve local businesses, residents, and key city-centre stakeholders, a public ‘maptionnaire’ was hosted online in early 2022, allowing a broad spectrum of people to submit their hopes and dreams for the Quayside. This feedback formed the basis for a workshop led by Gehl, and involving several city centre architects, which took place in February. The results of this workshop were distilled into a further maptionnaire, on which more than 2,500 people had their say. The results of the process will be presented by Gehl to an audience of city-centre stakeholders, businesses, residents, and others, in the summer of 2022.