Videos of St James Gate

Following an extensive refurbishment of our offices at No. 2, and the creation of our brand-new offices for SMEs at No. 3 – we created a quick, summary video to give you a snapshot look at our product.

Hopefully the video has whetted your appetite to hear and see more.

Can you imagine your business or organisation working at St James Gate?

Can you see your branding emblazoned across the large windows of our offices at No. 3 St James Gate? Thousands of cars and pedestrians seeing your brand every week, via the busy road outside and the buzzing plaza of Times Square, next to the incredibly popular visitor destination, Centre for Life.

Maybe you’re thinking your team would love to have those spectacular views from the 7th floor? That would make working from your office so much more pleasurable wouldn’t it.

We bet your employees would appreciate being just a stone’s throw from a Metro station, a train station and the A1.


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